Somehow we have been shortlisted!

24/02/2017 - So today we had a wonderful bit of news, we have been shortlisted for the South East Regional Indie Bookshop of the Year Award - affectionately known in the book trade as the #Nibbies.

We love our tiny Book Nut, and work hard and long to bring you the latest in all things book-ish.  We are up against some quite stiff competition, with the wonderful Chicken and Frog in Brentwood on the shortlist, as well as the brilliant Red Lion Bookshop in Colchester.  It is so lovely to be considered alongside such fantastic shops that I adore.

However, among other things, for the next stage the judges would like to hear from you.... our customers.

If you feel we deserve to win such an award then you can pop on over to

and submit your comments and thoughts about our shop.

In any case, we are just as pleased as punch to be a part of the wonderful world of Bookshops, and hope our customers enjoy their experience in our bookshop as much as we want them to.

Our Bookshop is Moving!

Exciting things are happening at our Book Nut! 

Our customers know that our shop is well hidden from the public, opening in an upstairs studio at Barleylands Craft Village.  We opened here as it was what was available at the time, although because of our location it has been difficult to make people aware that there was a Bookshop in the village.

We have listened to our customers comments about how they struggle to get the kids to come up after walking around downstairs, about how much they do not like the lift (when it is working) and how much better it would be if we were downstairs... and we are in complete agreement.

This is why we have taken the opportunity that has been offered to us and are FINALLY moving downstairs.

We will be in Unit 3, which is opposite the glass blowers and next to the dog groomers and we are very excited about this.

We acknowledge that this is a smaller shop size, however we hope to keep the charm of our Bookshop, as well as the variety of beautiful books.

The most important thing is that it will be easy to access and a lot more people will find us. Our aim is to help our customers as much as possible.

For this move, we will be closed Monday 23rd May - Friday 27th May, and the new shop will be open Saturday 28th May!

We hope you are as excited about this as we are.

Bookmark competition winners from Local School!

For Wold Book Day this year, we launched a competition with local Schools to design a Bookmark to be used in our shop.  The theme was 'Why do I love books' and the pupils at Wickford Infant School sent us a big pile of superb entries.

We have such talented children in our area which made the decision a really hard one to make, however we went with the bookmarks that we felt answered the question the best.  So a huge Congratulations to the following 5 winners!

Daniel Barnes - He had put 'I get to read them at bedtime with my Mum' and showed this with a beautiful collage of his and his Mum reading a book!  What a lovely message.

Mylee Barrett - She declared 'I Love Books' and showed a world of 'Once upon a time' showing different characters she would find in her books and the bookmark was filled with colour!

Millie Fyfe - She showed a variety of reasons why she loves books, from fiction to non-fiction, history and poems.  For her imagination is clearly important and she wrote 'It's fun and I Improve'.

Max Young - We could not help but love Max's enthusiasm as he declares 'I like reading with my family.  I like Pictures in Books'. This really brought home the message about reading together as he filled the bookmark with pictures of his family and a certain caterpillar.

Chloe Kopf - Chloe has created a stunning bookmark showing 'The World of Reading'.  She has depicted an imaginary world to go to when reading a book and her artwork is fantastic.  Full of colour and characters it really stood out.


As mentioned. It was extremely difficult to judge and there were so many wonderful designs to choose from, however we felt these 5 gave a wonderful message about reading and are proud to have them as our new bookmark designs. 

These bookmarks are free to our customers and will be handed out in bags over the coming months.  Make sure you come and collect yours!

Front page photo for our Illustrator event

On Saturday 23rd January 2016 we kick started our new year event with a visit from TWO illustrators, Jo Byatt and Ada Grey.  We had a lovely time as did our customers.

The wonderful people over at the Brentwood Gazette have not only written a lovely article about this talented pair, but they also put a lovely photo covering half the front page.

Mobile Bookshop - The Book Nut - up and running!

A little follow up from being awarded the James Patterson Grant, the money has been used to set up our mobile bookshop as planned, and it is now up and running.

We now have a van ready and loaded with bookcases and books, to travel to wherever the bookish need is!

We have so far visited school parents evenings, shopping evening and community events with the mobile bookshop and are ready to book more.  So if your school or community would like a visit, please get in touch on our contact page and we will be happy to make arrangements with you!

Celebrating 1 year of opening!

On 22nd August 2015 our little Bookshop celebrated 1 year of being open at Barleylands Craft Village.  Among the cakes and balloons we saw so many of our wonderful customers who came to wish us well.  We also were joined by the wonderful Author and Illustrator Yuval Zommer who lead events for the children to help celebrate our special day.

We had such a wonderful time and are so grateful to our customers for their support of our little Booshop.  We look forward to many more years ahead!

The event was covered by the Brentwood Gazette.

Caboodle Bookshop of the Month

A little bit of wonderful news, last week we found out we won the Caboodle Bookshop of the Month.  This is a reflection of all the wonderful events we have lined up!


Caboodle is a site where you can access details of your local Bookshops and any events that are going on.  It is well worth registering with them as you will receive alerts as new events are listed.


In the meantime, we are enjoying our delicious hamper of biscuits and goodies... nom nom nom...

Nutshell Studios Awarded James Patterson Grant!

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a Grant by the extremely Generous and amazing Author, Mr James Patterson.


Mr Patterson has pledged £250,000 of his own money to independent Bookshops to help them reach out to the Children in their community with the love of stories.  Bookshops were invitied to apply for a share of the grant and the first round resulted in 73 successful Bookshops last year.  We are only new, however are keen to work with our local schools and community by creating a mobile Bookshop, and so applied for funding in the second round of applications.


On Wednesday 15th April it was announced that we have been successful in our application and will be awarded the grant we applied for, along with 68 other Bookshops!  We are over the moon :)


This is fantastic news for us and for the children around us.  We look forward to using the grant to put our plans into action and will update you with it's progress.


If you know a local school or are part of a community which would benefit from a visit from our Mobile Bookshop - The Book Nut - then please get in touch.


But for now, all we can say is - Thanks Mr Patterson! You are truly amazing :)

Author Visit - Colin Wyatt - 07/03/15

On Saturday 7th March 2015 we were joined in our studio by Author and Illustrator Colin Wyatt.  

We had a wonderful afternoon of storytelling as Colin not only read from his series The Jet Set while Jan displayed beautiful large versions of the Illustrations, but he also shared a couple of stories he is currently working on, much to the delight of the children!

Colin's books The Jet Set are available in our shop and we hold a stock of signed copies from Colin.  The books are not only full of beautifully brightly coloured illustrations, fun characters and adventure, but they also teach about endangered animals.  Not only that but £1 from the sale of each book goes to The Born Free Foundation.

Colin has previously worked as a Disney artist and co-created The Poddington Peas among other things.  He was a delight to have here at Nutshell, and we look forward to welcoming him back here again soon!

Harry Potter Book Night - 05/02/15

We held an amazing Harry Potter Book Night to celebrate this wonderful series, including wand lessons and an owl visit!  To read the full details please click on the button below to go to our blog!

Personalised Children's Book Launched - 16/09/2014

We are pleased to announce our first Children's Book which can be personalised with your child's name as part of the text and is made to order in our Studio.

'We are Going to a Party' allows the reader to get ready for a very special Birthday Party with Bunny, Bear, Hedgehog, Duckling and Mouse, but who is the Birthday Party for? 

This book has been written and Illustrated by Hazel Williams in the Studio and is produced in a variety of cover colours, both paperback and hardback.

To Order a copy simply e-mail us, or visit us in the Studio so we can take details.  Payment is taken at the time of ordering and each book takes between 3-4 days to bind and press.

Alternatively please visit our Etsy shop where this book can also be ordered from.

New Studio Opening - 23/08/2014

We are very excited to be opening our new studio at Studio 54 on Saturday 23/08/2014.

The new studio has an art gallery, bookshop and a story corner under a tree of stories. 

There will be a storytime at 2pm on Saturday, Sundary and Bank holiday Monday and we would welcome you to come and listen as you look around what we have to offer.

More details are on the blog. 

We hope to see you there.

Welcoming New Artist Michelle

Nutshell Studios is proud to introduce a new artist/illustrator to its ranks. Michelle Williams has a degree in Art and Education and has worked in many mediums.  Historically she has worked with printing mediums, creating impactive and dramatic imagery as above.  More recently she works with papercrafts and mixed media and her work appeals to children and adults alike.

Check out her gallery for her illustrations

Welcome Michelle!  It is good to have you on board.

Our latest project

I sell my handmade crafts and illustrations through my shop on Etsy.  Click on the below link to see more.


This section presents all the latest news about us and our projects.

New online location

Welcome to our new website!  You can find all the latest information about Nutshell Studios here.


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